TAB autodeadbolt lock

TAB autodeadbolt lock.
TAB autodeadbolt lock.
TAB autodeadbolt lock.
TAB autodeadbolt lock.


  • Auxiliary lock are automatically projected. When the door is closed, all the time 3 points working, the latch bolt and two auxiliary locks.
  • From the interior side, when the handle is activated, two auxiliary locks and the latch bolt are withdraw. From the exterior part, the cylinder is used for the same function.
  • Form more security the 4 central rollers bolts can be activated with the cylinder and they are completely independent, and they ant saw rotation movement.


  • When the door is closed, hooks are automatically activated, to hamper the intrusion.
  • Is compatible with other TESA products. Door protection is complete when cylinder and escutcheon are mounted.
  • Is accurate for new doors or to replacement doors. (Compatible with TLB3, T2B3)

Thecnical features:

  • 4 roller bolts in the central point. Roller bolts have and antisaw rotational system. 14mms diameter and nickel plated.
  • Automatically activated auxiliary 2 locks. Constantily 3 points activated, 2 auxiliary locks and latch bolt.
  • All the locking points are independent.
  • Central locking point is activated manually with the cylinder.
  • Backset 50, 60 mm.
  • Distance between axis: 85mm.
  • Finishes: AC,AE. Stainless Steel.
  • E700 Escutcheon.
  • High security double clutch T60 cylinder.
  • Steel material base in front plate and strike.
  • Stike wide: 40,45 mm.


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