TMB motorized lock

TMB motorized multipoint security lock with automatic closing of the high and low points by means of anti-lever hooks.

Main features:

  • Proper for both new and spare parts doors.
  • Automatic closing of the high and low points with anti-leverage hooks.
  • The door opens with the handle from the inside, with the mechanical key or electric signal (dual key, proximity card, remote control, etc...) from the outside, depending on the credential installed.
  • Motor that helps to remove the hooks and the latch, providing an ease of use even for those people with mobility problems.
  • The central point, with 4 anti saw bolts, can be locked as an additional security, disabling the possibility of opening with remote control.
  • Includes a T60 security cylinder and the E700 escutcheon.
  • Finishes: Enamelled steel, chromed steel, stainless steel.
* We recommend downloading the technical sheet below to check all the possibilities.