ENTR main unit

The motorized cylinder ENTR is an innovative device that is set to turn the residential security market upside down. Its main purpose is to make existing residential doors and smart locks more secure and convenient. ENTR is a motorized cylinder that allows the user to motorize the door without any wirings or changes in the door’s structure.

The main advantages of this solution are the following:

  • Only by changing the cylinder can the house door be opened by means of a remote control, a mobile phone, a fingerprint reader or a numeric keypad.
  • It can be installed in less than 5 minutes like any other bulb, check it yourself in the following link.
  • Automatic jamming. It locks automatically when you close the door. No need to lock with a key.
  • it beeps if you leave the door open.
  • It does not use cables.

For further information about the motorized cylinder ENTR. Contact us or visit the new TESA ENTR landing page https://www.tesa-entr.com/smart-lock/