ENTR main unit

ENTR™ motorized cylinder is a cylinder that is revolutionizing the residential security market. It makes existing residential doors smart, comfortable and more secure. 

The ENTR smart lock has a main unit that goes attached to a mechanical cylinder. You will have to choose the size of cylinder that best suits to your door (below you will find a diagram that will help you to know which size of cylinder you should order). The main benefits of this solution are the following:

  • Just changing the cylinder it allows to open the door of the house with a remote control, a smartphone, a fingerprint reader or a numeric keyborad.
  • Needs only 5 minutes for installation as any other cylinder, check it out in the following link.
  • "Wire the door leaf" automatically when closing the door.
  • Beeps if you leave the door open.
  • No wires required.
For further information about the ENTR Smart Lock, visit the specific website: ENTR Smart Lock