C-Tec electronic cylinder


  • Quick installation, the same as the mechanic cylinder.
  • The  cylinder  does  not  need  a  battery;  it  feeds  directly  from  the  key.
  • All the monitoring elements are protected inside the cylinder: control unit, reader and motorized clutch.
  • Possibility to combine in the same installation electronic cylinders, electronic locks and mechanic cylinders


  • Clock and calendar in real time
  • When introducing the key, the events (openings   and  attempts  of  openings)  are  recorded  with  the  exact  date  and  hour.
  • The key does not need to have mechanic cut.
  • Automatic cancellation of lost keys.
  • It has a supply battery that can be easily changed.
  • Non-volatile  memory
  • Information  is  not  lost  during  the  battery  change.
  • Protected data avoiding key copy



  • Encrypted  data  transmission  between  the  cylinder  and  the  key..
  • Big storage capacity and data protection
  • Up to 1.500 users and the 1.000 last events.
  • Read and Write (R/W) contact chip: Events recording, key cancellation, locking plan update, etc all in the same electronic key, without using the portable programmer.
  • Combined with the wall reader updater, a virtual on-line network is created without cabling the doors.



  • Contact chip reading.
  • The reader is inside the cylinder. When the user inserts its key the reader comes into contact with the key. The reader reads  all  the  information  recorded  in  the  keys  chip.- Una pila de botón estándar tipo CR2032 Li-Mn 3V.
  • The battery is in the key: The cylinder feeds when the user inserts the key in the cylinder.
  • Standard: Interior doors.
  • extreme: Waterproof.
  • Minimum length: 35mm on each side, except for the half electronic cylinder. In this case the minimum length should be of 35mm*10mm.
  • Surcharge: 5mm gaps on each side, with a maximum of 120mm (The sum of both sides) or of 180 mm on one side.
  • Cylinder cam:
     · Wood doors: 15 mm
     · Metalwork doors: 13,2 mm
  • Key way:
     · TS: Neutral key. Not cut. Cylinder T80
     · XA1: cut key. Cylinder TX80.
  • IP57.