C-tec energy saver

The electronic cylinder energy saving device is compatible with the electronic keys of the Tesa Cylinder System.

It is avaible in rim and mortise model. It is supplied with light metal casing.

It is prepared for outdoors, enclosed and adapted to international assembly measurements.

It works with guest´s electronic keys and master keys.

When the key is introduced and turned into the energy saving decive, the circuit of the room is activated.

When the guest takes out the key from the energy saving device all the sockets are automatically deactivated.

It is added a luminous red LED to facilitate the localization of the energy saving device in the darkness.



  • Weight: 600 grams.
  • Rim model dimensions: Widht: 75mm, height: 75mm, deep: 66mm
  • Mortise model dimensions: Width: 105, height: 125mm.
  • Finishing: Mat Chrome or Polished


  • Led supply:12 volts AC/DC
  • Double contact: one of them is used to supply the LED and the  other  one  for  the  electrical  circuit  of  the   room.
  • Voltage: 250V
  • Current: Máximum current 16 Amp.
  • Conections: max. 2,5mm
  • Working temperature: From-30ºC to + 50º