Wall reader updater lite

Combining the read and write feature (R/W) with our Lite updater, a virtual on-line system is created without the disadvantages if the cabled on-line system.

These installation has different features:

  • Valid for proximity cards and electronic keys.
  • The Lite updater is connected to the network through ethernet, allowing the users to update their locking plan.
  • The unique code of the proximity cards can be exported by serial port or TCP/IP. Possible to be integrated with other systems.
  • Cheaper than the Updater Wall reader. Without mini - PC.
  • It allows cancelling the staff cards without using the portable programmer or inserting a newer staff card.
  • Extension of guest stays and grants modifications. SW 5.03 or higher.
  • It allows collecting all the events from the lock’s audit trail using only the staff card, controlling the employees’ activities as: access attempts out of the shift, etc.
  • It allows controlling the battery level without testing the lock with the portable programmer.
  • It allows including new staff in the locking plan without reprogramming the lock.