On-line system in real time, a new dimension.

  • Centralized wireless monitoring of every door in the installation.
  • Each standalone lock is connected wirelessly to the hub (each hub collects information from up to 30 locks).
  • Collecting of events and diagnosis of locks in real time (authorized users, denied  users, state of battery, etc.).
  • Instant, remote cancellation of lost or stolen cards.
  • Instant addition of new users or authorizations.
  • Change of time zone with synchronized clock and date. Instant, remote operating system.

Smartair enters a new dimension. A new degree of intelligence. Because it is no longer necessary to go to each door in order to update the locks, or to carry the information in the card, or to cross a peripheral access in order to update it.

Thanks to wireless technology, the whole system is permanently updated by sending and receiving information concerning every door in the system in real time, thus spectacularly increasing security and control.