Energy savers Software

Software for monitor the state of the on-line wireless energy savers, door/window sensors or motion sensors of the rooms.

It transmits immediately to reception all the events generated in the energy savers:

  • Time and date when the card is inserted.
  • Time and date when the card is taken out.
  • Identification of the staff cards.
  • Identification of the guest cards.
  • Energy saving: The air conditioning or heater is activated only when the guest  requires (it requires motion sensor). The air conditioning or heater will cut off if  the guest opens the window (it requires window sensor). The air conditioning or  heater will cut off, every time the guest leaves the room, although the guest  has left the card inserted into the energy saver (it requires motion sensor and  door sensor).

Through reception, using the software, the hotelier can know on-line the state of the rooms. He/she can know when the guest has left the room to proceed to clean, if he/she is inside and/or if there are staff in the room.
On the database it is easy to filter different operations.

The signals are transmitted via wireless from energy saver to energy saver to the control board, and this in turn will communicate via TCP/IP with central software (reception).