SMARTair® Management Software

For the ultimate in access flexibility, SMARTair TS1000 software enables system admin from any device. Manage offline, Update on Card and online devices within the same installation and one interface.

The SMARTair TS1000 software is the most intuitive management software on the market. It brings flexibility and — if required — real-time control to any installation. Easy upgradability, a core SMARTair philosophy, is right at the heart of your TS1000 software user experience.

SMARTair TS1000 puts managers in complete control of all access from a single point. Its secure client–server architecture with web services allows system management from virtually any device — PC, tablet or smartphone — and from multiple points. There is no need for managers to stay physically at their site, and no software for clients to install.

With the SMARTair TS1000 software, facilities and security managers can opt to manage access rights with calendar schedules for different user groups. The system offers ongoing flexibility, easily incorporating new doors, new users and permissions, calendars and time zones. Up to 30 separate schedules can be incorporated.

With SMARTair TS1000 software, you can easily combine different management systems within one installation. For example, perimeter doors are equipped with Wireless Online functionality, while many interior doors are managed by Update on Card. A single software interface controls it all.

The TS1000 also offers the capability to upgrade quickly from Offline to Update on Card or Wireless Online management. Your investment is future-proofed, because SMARTair’s software does the upgrading for you.

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