The challenge:

The GF Hotels chain has five different establishments in Benidorm. Hotels, apartments and studios distributed throughout the city, both on the beach and in the center of Benidorm.

The doors of its facilities were equipped with magnetic stripe and chip locks from other brands. Magnetic stripe locks were continually deprogrammed, which required constant maintenance work. The chip locks, in turn, were outdated, so it was not easy to get replacement parts and the ones they did get were very expensive.

The challenge was to renew the electronic locks for the entire hotel chain, unifying the access management system, with the aim of reducing the maintenance work on the locks and guaranteeing a satisfactory stay for guests.

The solution:

+500 Spy Wireless Ready and Spy Wireless electronic locks

After changing the first establishment with us to Proximity Spy Wireless and discovering that our solutions were a guarantee of access for guests, they decided to renew the locks of all their hotels, apartments and studios with two types of TESA Hotel solutions.

On the one hand, Spy Wireless Ready electronic locks, an offline system that allows the solution to be scaled up to a Wireless Wi-Fi system in the event that such a system is required in the future. On the other hand, Spy Wireless locks that allow remote management of guest access.

In tourist apartments they have managed to get rid of the reception service thanks to the access through the Smartphone, in such a way that they manage access remotely at the hotel reception, without the need to attend the apartments in person.

Comfort, modernity and ease of access for customers” – Anouk Petit, Manager Hotels GF

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