The challenge:

Two types of technology make management difficult.

The emblematic 4-star Sercotel Gran Hotel Luna De Granada hotel has modern and elegant facilities. It has 367 recently renovated rooms and a wide variety of services, such as a sports area, swimming pool, spa and private parking.

Having two types of access control systems for the different areas of the hotel, made access management difficult and made the stay of guests less comfortable.

The challenge was to renew the access control solution with the aim of making it easier for guests to access the different common areas with a single card.

The solution:

230 Donna Dual Proximity electronic locks

The renovation of 230 locks was carried out in both rooms and common areas where Donna Dual Proximity electronic locks were installed. These locks, due to their authentication capacity through two different technologies; RFID proximity and magnetic stripe, allow you to keep old Donna Magnetic Stripe locks and combine them with the new locks in order to use a single card for all accesses.

In this way, guests only use one card, which has improved their satisfaction and the hotel staff manages to optimize their operations by reducing management times

"Gracias a la solución TESA Hotel los huéspedes utilizar una única tarjeta, con lo que ha mejorado su satisfacción y el personal del hotel consigue optimizar su operativa reduciendo tiempos de gestión"

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