TESA ASSA ABLOY’s new TD5 cylinder, the accessible and durable solution for master key systems

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TESA ASSA ABLOY has launched its new TD5 cylinder: the ideal solution for master key systems.

TESA ASSA ABLOY’s TD5 cylinder is an accessible and durable solution for master key systems. This patented cylinder covers the basic segment of TESA ASSA ABLOY’s cylinder range. It is perfect for master key system installations that demand a balanced solution in terms of features and costs. The TD5 platform consists of 5 pins with 10 different heights. It includes a multigroove tree that provides the platform with guaranteed support ability for master key systems of a larger size. It also features medium antipick protection, and security is further reinforced by a patent, ensuring that the manufacturer is in full control of the key’s duplications.

In short, this is a cylinder whose main features are high resistance, durability, user-friendliness in firebreak doors and great resistance to corrosion and temperature.