The 20th of May will be your home’s day

TESA ASSA ABLOY is taking part, as a collaborating entity, in El Día de Tu Casa – an initiative of the Comité AECOC de Ferretería y Bricolaje.

Since you are changing, your home should also change with you. El Día De Tu Casa (Your Home’s Day) provides you with the things you need to improve, alter or adapt your home, and brings the best prices for you to rediscover your home.

Our home is our memories – the dining room where we had our family lunches, the wardrobe where we kept our best clothes, the corner where our kids used to hide… So it is important that we take care of it.

Visit El Día De Tu Casa, make the best of our promotions and discover every secret you need to pamper your home…

Rediscover your home!