Protecting your guests is protecting your business


TESA Hotel experience in the hospitality market, supported by constant innovation and strong presence in other sectors and markets such as hospitals, health centers or geriatrics (highly vulnerable to the spread of bacteria), allow us to offer two solutions to minimize the risk of contagion in your hotel: Openow app that allows you to open the doors with your Smartphone without using RFID cards, and the antimicrobial finish for handles.

When you thought that your hotel had the best amenities, that the decoration was perfect and that every detail was taken care of, a new factor that we didn’t take into account arrived and turned everything upside down. The main challenge of the society at the moment is to keep our environment safe, is in that sense tha one of the challenges in hotels is found in the door handles, since these are a contact surface. 

TESA Hotel offers solutions to respond to the most immediate demands of our customers: feeling safe and protected in its facilities. The first of these is the Openow app, which enables guests to open the doors of the hotel with their mobile phone. Easing the least contact between people and people and objects. In fact, keys and cards will now be part of the past, making it possible to skip the checkin step and hand them over to the guest. Thanks to this app, guests and/or hotel staff will be able to access the rooms and other hotel accesses to which they are allowed, through their smartphones using Bluetooth® low energy technology. These accesses can be managed in real time by the hotel staff from the reception.

On the other hand, TESA Hotel offers an antimicrobial finish for its locks and panic bars over stainless steel finishes that comply with the regulations: ISO 22196: 2011 and JIS Z 2801: 2000. The silver and Zeolite ion coating of the antimicrobial handles gradually releases the silver ions, acting over the bactericidal strains, dismantling their metabolism and inhibiting their cell division.

Knowing that 80% of infectious diseases (HCIAs) are transmitted through hands contact, hotels, which support a high number of daily new arrivals and departures, - and all of them use the access handles - they could minimize the spread of bacteria in their facilities thanks to this innovative finish.

Definitively, these are solutions that ease Less Contact as far as possible, that is, the minimization of contact between people and between people and objects of daily use with the aim of making your hotel a safer place. Because protecting your guests is protecting your business.