TEX26 Door Closer

The TEX26 model is a recessed door closer capable of controlling the closing of doors up to 1250 mm and weighing 100 kg.

Main features:

  • Suitable for fire doors.
  • Designed to facilitate accessibility through its high efficiency symmetrical cam mechanism.
  • Extra smooth opening without losing closing capacity.
  • Can be installed on all types of doors and suitable for fireproof doors.
  • Can be combined with DCG89 and DCG88 sliding guides with solutions for single or double leaf doors.
  • All adjustments are accessible from the top edge of the leaf.
  • Extraordinary stability in the event of thermal variations.
  • Hydraulic control of closing speed that is adjusted by means of an independent valve.
  • 120° opening.
  • The "latching" speed is adjusted with an independent valve in the last 7° of closing.
  • Mechanical opening brake integrated into the mechanism, acting from 80°.
  • Anti-vandal internal safety valve for relief of excess pressure.
  • Door closer body and guides fully reversible.
  • High strength extruded aluminium block construction.
  • Door requirements: Leaf width > 600 mm; Thickness in wooden leaf > 50 mm ;Internal hollow in stile > 40 mm.
  • Optimum operating range: -15°C to +45°C.
* We recommend downloading the technical data sheet below to see all the options.